Wandering mind

In my current non-writing state I did not even jump at the chance of writing this week’s 100 Word Challenge! Normally I have it written before the proverbial ink dries on the announcement, and here I am days later and just looking at it. But it is never too late (well technically it is too late if the next challenge is offered but who needs to be technical?)

This week’s challenge is a bit of a fun twist. We are to write from somebody else’s perspective. Specifically the someone else who the arrow is pointing to in the pic below.

Here goes:

What IS that from? And what has it been eating? I should probably warn the others to watch where they put their feet. Seems like someone already stepped in it. Well everyone except Mary. I owe her one. She got me good at the last party. I was sitting there minding my own business, and out of no where … nope, not warning Mary. Though she does make good deserts, And she shares her recipes with me. I especially like that cookie creation she brought in the other day. That was just soooooo yummy. Darn! Now I want a cookie!