Windows (an ode)

It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. There is little doubt of the truth of this observation … at least for those who pay attention. I believe that we can rearrange the words a bit and express another, more subtle truth:

Windows are the eyes of the soul.

Think about it. We can see into the soul through the eyes. Similarly, the soul can see out, again through the eyes. That is exactly how a window works. This has symbolic significance, but can also be translated directly into practical example. Since today I am being driven by the letter W in my Z to A challenge, I am choosing to show an appreciation for windows and the roles they play in our lives. My creativity takes many forms other than writing, so today’s post has a more visual bent. Enjoy!

Windows allow us to appreciate the world while at the same time protecting us from the potential dangers. They come in all shapes and sizes. Through them we can share beautiful moments, or maybe learn a little history. They can allow us to portray our curiosity or longings, while at the same time keeping us in our safe zones. They can help lighten the dark; and provide comfort when needed. They are essentially a gateway to the land of What-if, and sometimes we may even be able to pass through them to visit in person. Many of us take such things for granted, so today I ask those who visit to step back and appreciate something that is both simple and profound. This is how we truly learn what life has to offer!

All these photos are mine. If you enjoy them, and would like to see more, please visit my photo part of my website. My choices for camera subjects are as varied as my writing!