Wordy wordlessness

Words have great power!

This is a theme I often use in my attempts at writing on this blog, but it is by no means an original idea. Words have the power to raise a person beyond their perceived limits; or to send them into the depths. A simple word can start a war … or end it. Skilled use of words is one of the most powerful tools a mind can possess, and thus should always be encouraged within anyone, especially those who doubt their own abilities. This is true for adults as well as children, but since children are still just starting to find their place in the world, encouragement for them is a simple must.

That said, sometimes when I am feeling lost in the world, I find that words escape me. I struggle to get the simplest sentence out, and often find that I cannot even remotely express what I truly wish to share. As much power as words have … sometimes they are wholly inadequate.

So why am I putting together a collection of words to express why words are failing me?

That is a good question. And I am not sure I actually know the answer myself. Maybe by forcing myself to work with their power I will find my place again.

Oddly this ramble was brought on by this week’s 100 WORD Challenge For Grown Ups. I had no intention of getting all wordy in my wordlessness. My intent was to get the one or two people who occasionally happen across my blog to go visit the original 100 Word Challenge, one geared to young writer’s out there. Since I don’t seem to have words of encouragement in me at the moment, maybe I can (ironically) encourage others to visit and give support to the young practitioners of word power.

For someone who is at a loss for words, a lot of words seem to be pouring forth. Hmmm. Maybe while they are choosing to use me as their vessel (since as far as I can tell I am not the one writing them) I should also attempt the challenge. So here goes. I take no responsibility for what may emerge. The words are on their own today!

You …” he began, tears streaming down his face.
“… bought …” he continued, almost gasping the word out.
“… her …” he murmured putting all his love for her into the word.
“… what …” he said firmly, determined to finish.

But then his emotion overwhelmed him, and for a moment he could no longer speak. He cradled her pain wracked body to his chest, his blissful smile an odd counterpoint. He gasped again through his own pain. With impressive effort, he got the rest out. “… exactly what she needed!” he winced. The effort made him cough.

“ Time!!” he finished with a peaceful sigh.