X Marks the spot (guess what letter this is … )

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I heard of an amazing treasure. A treasure that has immeasurable worth.

It is a treasure sought by many, yet to my knowledge few have even come close to locating it.

Being a lover of adventure, and thriving on solving mysteries, I decided to seek out this elusive treasure. I started by just asking around locally, seeing what fact could be sorted out of rumor. Many had heard tales of this wondrous treasure, and there were all sorts of legends of what it is; what it can do. It is said to be the most valuable thing on earth. It is believed to have the power of creation; many said that the treasure is a talisman that would allow a person to do anything they desired. Few could even guess where it could be found though.


Some said that it actually has already been found, but those that have found it hoard it for themselves. They pointed to the Obscenely Rich Man and said: “He has it.”

So I went to the Obscenely Rich Man and asked him. He was truly bewildered. “Yes I too have heard of this amazing treasure,” he said. “I have been looking for it too. I have found many treasures, as you can see. But with all this wealth I have, I still have not found the ultimate treasure you seek! I have heard that the Very Famous Actress has it.”

I sought out the Very Famous Actress and asked her. “No I have not found the treasure. I hear that only with it can I truly obtain the ultimate fame that I seek. Yet with all those that adore me, none can tell me where it is. No. I do not have it yet. I believe the Man Of Power has it.”

I got an appointment with the Man Of Power. “I have been search for the treasure forever. Every choice I make is to obtain  this great treasure. Yet with all the power I wield; with all people I have commanded to search for it … I still have not found it. I do not know where it is!”

It seems my search was going to be a difficult one again. In need of advice, I once again sought out my Friendly Neighborhood Wise Man. As always he welcomed me with open arms, a ready smile and a laugh. “Ah yes, I know of this amazing treasure! Give me a moment and I will guide you to it.” He then went  into the yard, where I could hear sounds of exertion. Soon he called me out. He handed me a shovel and said “X marks the spot.”

There before me was a fresh mound of dirt, with a very clear X crossing it. I used the shovel and shortly heard the clink of contact with something. Soon I had dug up what was buried, and after cleaning it was amazed by what I had found.

Looking at what I had dug up, it dawned on me that I had indeed found the greatest treasure of all. What’s more it became clear to me that everyone had the ability to find this treasure all along. They just need to see the X and dig.

The Wise Man laughed at me and said “Don’t show this to anyone. It only has value if people find it themselves!”

I nodded in agreement, and quickly hid the mirror away.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]