Yep. You are a bunch of asses.

Let’s talk about marriage folks.

After all that is the new wave of nonsense that the moral minority has decided to cloud the air with. We all know who can be considered married and whether or not they can file their taxes jointly is MUCH more important than the fact that we are on the brink of war … again. Or that we are already at war on several different fronts. It is also much more important than a  democratic government that has slipped its reigns and forgotten what DEMOCRACY actually means. No we need to worry about individual personal lives MUCH more than bankers getting of scott free with screwing millions of people. And it is so much more important than the fact that people are dying left and right because of power struggles that we as a nation don’t think they are worth our time because there is no PROFIT in it for us.

Yep who marries who is what really matters.

Let’s make it fully clear what we are really arguing about here. A few notable facts:

DatingCommitted Couple Married
at least like each otherlike each otherMight like each other
probably have some things in commonmaybe love each othermaybe love each other
probably enjoy time togethermight live togethermight live together
could raise kids togethercould raise kids together
have made a commitmenthave made a commitment
might share funds and propertyshare funds and property
has a piece of paper that says they are legally connected
can file taxes jointly, and share health insurance

This is not based on any rule book. This is simple observation. Plain and simply the ONLY difference between being married and simply  being committed is whether or not the couple is legally recognized for some financial benefits. Marriage is basically a financial contract between two (or in some cultures more) people. This is the ultimate truth of it. Love is not part of the picture. For that matter marriage does not even require people LIKE each other. The only thing that might add a sacred element to it is if the ceremony to make the contract is religious. And that is NOT required. NOTHING about the concept of marriage says the partners must be male and female. That is just tradition based on cultural mores. Nothing about the contract says that only certain types of sex are permitted. Nothing says that the couple must be able to have children. All the contract says is that the couple agrees to support each other in bad times and good; support each other on all levels. That is plain and simply what marriage is.

So for all you self-righteous, closed-minded haters out their, step of your high horse and stop wasting our time with nonsense. How does a couple of people who decided to share their lives together gaining some tax benefits and insurance affect YOUR life, simply because you don’t approve of the couple? That is YOUR issue, not the government’s. Religious intolerance does NOT belong in a democratic government.

As far as I can tell, it was “wholesome, normal” families that taught two boys that raping a girl is not really a bad thing, and the same “wholesome” families that think it is a shame that these boys will be punished so young, never mind what happened to the girl. The last I heard, none of the school shootings was performed by a child who was raised by a gay couple. A couple’s worth and skill as possible parents is solely based on their character, and has nothing to do with their gender, or their sexual inclinations. It is simply based on the character and minds of the people involved.

And frankly I would rather have a couple of loving guys raise me than intolerant closed-minded people who are filled with hate simply because someone is different. Enough is enough!