A future lesson (aka The Great Twister Massacre)

Since my posts of late have been a bit on the morose and whiney side, it seemed appropriate to slide the tongue back into the cheek for a bit. Fortunately today happens to be monday … or for the initiate … 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups day!

Today’s prompt is actually a picture (you can see it at the end of my creation). My cheeked tongue seems to still have a morose twist about it, but all in good fun. I hope you enjoy!

Even today the horrible event still shocks us!

Few still can believe that something so apparently … FUN … could cause such a tragedy. The game had been a party favorite since its inception back in 1966. It was unimaginable that it such a thing could happen.

Yet it did.

There were always those who needed to push the limits; who needed to take things just that one step too far. But lesson learned. There IS a limit to the number of individuals who can play Twister at one time.

As can be seen, they couldn’t even unravel the bodies!