A good trip!

In my recent little hiking adventure with my sister and my niece, a little incident happened at the end that, while in itself not exactly ground breaking news, inspired the noggin towards bloggin’ silliness. Of course, me being me it has taken said noggin a couple of weeks to get the silliness from the noggin to the bloggin’. But for those who could wait no longer, here it is. And I bet you didn’t even know you were waiting!

Basically what happened was after a good several hours of hiking, with the old fogies among us (namely me and my sis) straining muscles we forgot we had, we made it essentially unscathed to the parking lot, where my sister promptly tripped on the way to the car.

I had to laugh, because I am oh so familiar with this kind of irony. I don’t know how many times I have done vigorous, and even slightly dangerous activities without injury, only to hurt myself when it is done and we are back in mundane safety. For instance I used to play full contact, no holds bar football without pads and full size teams, with nary a bruise. Yet the one time I actually broke my arm was when I was playing touch football.

Or there were those days in my adrenaline junkie youth. Days when I successfully navigated a solid section of whitewater in a boat barely satisfactory to the task, only to twist my ankle as I exited the boat at the end.

""I guess the lesson to be learned here is after a good solid day of base jumping off of skyscrapers in down town Boston, make sure you don’t get hit by a bus crossing the street on the way home.