A moment in the dark …

  • First issue: Character flaw? 
    I am great at starting things. Whatever it might be. Need something done and I will set it in motion. The issue is that I am horrible at finishing things. Even if it is a personal challenge, once I get to the point where I know I can achieve whatever goal I had set for myself, I almost invariably stop. Because the challenge is no longer there. Or I am already set for the next challenge. Or maybe the act of finishing is a let down to me. I am not sure why I do this. Just know that I do. Take the A to Z challenge. I actually stopped at X. Will have to do Y and Z  now just cuz.
  • Second issue: Why? Just why?
    Why, if driving is considered a privilege am I basically being told I must have a driver’s license? If it is mandatory then how can it be a privilege?
    Why does a mistake that harmed no one and happened 8 years ago still haunt me today and mark me as an evil person, when people who actually kill someone or do crimes with intent walk away with suspended sentences or a few hours of community service?
    Why does the concept of innocent until proven guilty, supposedly a primary premise of our whole justice system, only apply to certain types of laws?
    Why is paperwork more important than people?
  • Third issue: The cycle continues…
    The news of the hour is of course the death of Bin Laden. And frankly I am a little disturbed about our reaction to it. MY first reaction was big deal. I might have been more impressed if 10 years, thousands of lives, a collapsed world economy, war and the fall of a nation had not happened as a result of his actions in the mean time. But the general reaction is waving the American flag around as if our nation as a whole has done something fabulous. The reality is that kind of thinking is one of the reasons why 911 happened in the first place. It was a group of soldiers that found him. Not a president. Not America. They happened to be American soldiers yes. But it was people, not a nation who did this. And beyond that, why do we think this has really changed anything. We simply cut off the head of a snake. It WILL grow back. A philosophy of intolerance and hatred will not simply disappear just because one of its preachers has been removed. Our economy is failing. Our nation is failing. I won’t say that the events of the last 10 years caused it, but they may have triggered it. And we focus on fluff. To me it is kind of silly to celebrate the removal of a thorn when the building is collapsing around you. But I guess maybe I am the silly one, since I seem to be in the minority there.
Photo by Steve Kramer

Add  to all of these thoughts a pinched nerve in my neck and you might have an idea why I was in hiding. I am not even sure I should be writing this, because even if anyone wants to read it will they even care what it says? Maybe I AM the silly one. But I will post it and it will be read or it won’t. At least it is no longer festering inside of me.