A quick rant …

Why is it that internet trolls can rant and rave anywhere they want … in the process defaming people and hurting feelings …. with no repercussions, and someone who borrows a few innocuous pictures (which is effectively a compliment) gets their blog shut down?

Why can haters who spout nonsense about how oppressed they are, using this as an excuse to have weapons of mass destruction so that they can defend against their so called oppressors verbally and mentally attack a man for doing a good deed, and the man can do nothing to defend HIMSELF against THEM (because it violates THEIR rights)?

Why can anyone find anything they want about a person’s finances, driving history, criminal past, etc., which might adversely affect their lives, yet doctors are not allowed to share information that might actually SAVE lives without special permission?

Why do policy makers not have to actually follow the policies?

Why do corporations have more say than individuals in a society that is supposedly all about the individual?

I could go on, but at the moment it seems pointless. What can I say, I got new glasses today, and sadly the view is still pretty damn bleak!