A return to imagination

I have been spending the last several months of my life pretending to be a writer. I have been wandering here and there, and maybe even a little hither and yon, in pursuit of The Book, while very slowly writing said book. But now that pesky woman known as Mother Nature has decided enough of the warm weather, time to bring on the cold, it seems wandering may not be the best bet, especially since I don’t have my warm undies with me. So I have decided to stay put, finding myself a nice warm cave with internet access, and stop pretending … yep I plan on actually FINISHING something. Of course that means I need to do those ever needed writing calisthenics to keep the writing muscle in prime shape … and believe me it needs a LOT of work. So once again I find myself participating in the wonderful realm of inspiration known as the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. It has been far too long since I jumped aboard! This week’s prompt:


Let’s see if I still have what it takes …

I watched as she whispered something in Richard’s ear. He absent mindedly nodded, opening the box at the same time. She shrugged, shared an conspiratorial smile with me, and left the room with her musical laugh ringing in the air.

Richard looked focused. He looked determined. He looked calm and ready. Well for about three minutes, until he had trouble opening the box.

I suspect she said, “Read the instructions!”

The challenge for me was if (and when) I should offer assistance. I was still emotionally bruised from the last time I offered to help. And so the song and dance began again.