Accolades again

It is amazing how some lessons just don’t want to sink in. I have often talked about how frequently the best way to find things is to stop looking for them (or better yet look for something else). Yet despite my understanding of this and frequently proving it to myself, I still manage to frequently forget it. For instance, now that I have basically stopped worrying about whether anyone actually reads my posts or gets anything from them, suddenly folk are crawling out of the woodwork (technically electronic work) with kind words and acknowledgment of not only reading my stuff, but actually liking it. Or at least getting SOMETHING from it. Of course I am not saying the numbers that I am not paying attention too are actually worth paying attention to … just that if one stops looking for acclaim and one might just get some.

I mentioned the Very Inspiring Blogger Award that was kindly thrown my way in my recent post A life less extraordinary. Now I have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by the veritable blogging goddess, Sally-Jayne of sjbwriting! I still question my worthiness for either, but am truly honored that they seem to think so.

Anyone who has been blogging a while realizes that these awards, though genuine offers of support and possibly admiration, also usually come with a price. One must do some bloggerly deeds,and also usually then nominate others for the award. Since both of these awards had a similar blogging task, I decided I would do that much.  Partly because it is a chance to have some fun. I will not nominate others though, not because I am mean and selfish, but because there are simply too many choices. I can’t narrow it down to ten or fifteen. I would basically offer these awards at times to just about anyone I follow. Therefore I will leave an open invitation to anybody who happens across this and thinks someone should get special acknowledgment to shout about them in my comments.

That said, the bloggerly task was to write ten (or seven, depending on which award) things about myself that nobody knows. I consider myself an open book, but it has become more and more apparent that not many know the language I am written in. So here goes:

  1. My right leg is shorter than my left leg.
  2. I have gone without water for three full days … twice.
  3. I am ambidextrous.
  4. I used to be able to hold my breath for about two minutes.
  5. My nose often runs when I enjoy food.
  6. I have been part of the chorus for Gilbert and Sullivan shows several times.
  7. I used to be able to do advanced calculus in my head.
  8. I once got thrown out of the Dome of the Rock at gun point.
  9. I have never held a job longer than three years.
  10. My hebrew name is Shmuel Chunam.

Now several people know ten new things about me that they know doubt really don’t want to know. But my bloggerly duties are done!