Crazy dreams

For quite a while now I have been wandering in the dusty dank darkness of my inner corridors. I have gotten lost in the dark rooms of my mind, and am having difficulty finding the windows and doors that lead to sunshine and fresh air.

So this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups seems hand picked for me!

The prompt this week is … in the dark recess of my mind … could that be a more perfect prompt for a Gloomy Gus or what? There is no way I could waste the opportunity! Of course there is that whole perverse side of me that always has to do things … slightly differently than expected. Even I am unsure exactly what my admittedly warped mind might come out with this time. We will all just have to wait a few and see. Here goes …

I used to have this recurring dream. A nightmare really. It took place in a school playground, though no school I actually recognized. It was always a dark and gloomy day, the stuff of horror movies. The dream always started with a bell announcing recess was starting, though it was an evil sounding bell.

In the dark recess of my mind, kids would play as one would expect on a school playground. Except what they were doing was totally unexpected. Warped even. Let’s just say if I go into details I might be weaving a few nightmares for others. It could make a nicely ghoulish movie someday!