Another call to arms

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It has always been my impression that one of the core values of the US Constitution is the concept of “innocent until proven guilty“. That encompasses the basic idea of freedom of thought and expression. One cannot be condemned for something without having proof that they actually did something wrong. It is the fundamental difference between an oppressive government and a government of the people. A truly progressive and noble idea.

Is this a copyright infringement?
Is this a copyright infringement?

It’s too bad it does not seem to work.

Technically our “justice”system operates under this basic concept. But the reality is very little about our society actually accepts this idea. When you are taken to court for a crime, the assumption of guilt is already there. You would not even be in court if the police did not believe you were guilty. The press always assumes guilt, otherwise they wouldn’t actually report anything until they had the facts straight. And some of the most lucrative laws on the book (namely traffic law) assume guilt in the very law itself. They get away with this by calling it a privilege instead of a right.

The problem is basically that people do not actually think that way. For such a healthy and noble concept to truly work, it must be thoroughly ingrained in our everyday interactions. But the sad and simple fact it … it is not.  We have become so suspicious of each other, and are so driven by greed, that even customer service policies assume guilt instead of seeking proof of it. That is why a big corporation can so callously deal with a grieving daughter; that is why a worldwide-phenomenon can ignore the very foundation of their existence to cover their asses because one selfish entity felt they had their toe stepped on.

It is sad to me that the last bastion of true freedom left to humanity … namely the  World Wide Web, has caught the disease.

So today I am trying to use the Web to do what it really is meant to do: Spread knowledge and bring the world together. And I need some help doing it. Many of you out there were followers of the Idiot Empire. Once known as (or THE IDIOT SPEAKETH) he can now be found at Return of The Idiot Speaketh (Idiot 2.0)Beyond making the world a better place because he is a god of laughter, he also shared his rather difficult  journey through life in such a way to heal himself, and help others. And he reached a very large number of people as he did so. Because of the innate distrust and selfishness of people, combined with the new internet anthem “Innocent until we decide otherwise”, his followers were cut off from him without warning. So I am trying to let the blogging world know where to find him again, for surely I have some followers that also followed him. But me being a mere spec in the blogging world, I won’t reach many. So I am asking others of my blogging friends, those who actually have become somewhat noticed on the web, to spread the word as well. This is especially important for those who followed his blog about Cauda Equina Syndrome Awareness (CES), because he was actually helping a lot of people.

So folks, whaddya think? How about we remind the World Wide Web of its potential?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]