Anybody thirsty?

I have always loved anything to do with water. I am all about water sports … love swimming, canoeing, kayaking, sailing … you name it and I will probably enjoy it. So it is a complete mystery how I manage to live in a desert state for several years. Ironically said state (AZ) at one point had the highest number of boats per capita in the U.S.. Go figure.

Having such a grand appreciation of water, as well as being the earthie-crunchy type I am, I tend to notice how much we waste water in our culture. Sometimes it can’t be avoided, but sometimes … well let’s just say I am not always proud to be human. For instance, there was a retirement village in the Phoenix Valley area that was … um … very exclusive. Like many locations in AZ, they of course had a fairly large fishing pond on the premises. Man made of course. What better way to conserve water after all. But to really show their environmental spirit, they had submerged an old jet engine in the middle of the pond that when on shot a fountain of water a couple of hundred feet in the air, which would evaporate before it got back to the ground. Impressive eh?

I was reminded of the supreme example of conservation today as I was walking through downtown Bridgewater this morning. As I got to the rotary that makes up the town circle (a very busy section of road) I was pleased to see one of those big programmable trafic signs urging water conservation and threatening fines if people did not cooperate with their hose usage and such.

Go Bridgewater!!

""There was only one issue with the sign. It was planted right in front of the downtown … FOUNTAIN. Which was running at full blast as far as I can tell.

Just another reason to respect the wisdom of our governing folk. There is hope for us yet!!