At long last …

Once upon a time, this basically lazy but somewhat creative guy came up with a crazy idea. He got sick of telling people he was unemployed when they asked what he did for a living, so he figured Author would be a much better way of saying it. To add some verisimilitude to this concept, he learned to use some big words and started to actually write a novel or two. Technically one of them was started some  ten years before, but while he was in the mode …

Anyway he started with gusto, and actually managed to get out a few thousand words before his nature took over. After some time he began to find every excuse in the book … well … to avoid writing a book. My computer crashed. I have writer’s block. My chair is uncomfortable. I am clinically depressed. My dad died. Waaa waaa. Now after a few months of being the starving writer who eats too much and  is not actually writing, our hero has taken on a new challenge, namely to compete in the loss of all those pounds he has gained from ineffectively starving.

Ironically, and true to his nature, since he started this challenge two days ago he has found every healthy excuse … well … to not actually be healthy. I mean exercise takes a lot of work. So in an effort to do anything except do the exercises he is supposed to be doing, he has gone and started writing in his novels again.

For those who have been keeping track (if in fact anyone has been), the current stats:

  • RAYSON’S story
  • Previous word count:    66586
  • Chapter:     19 finished
  • Current word count:      69547
  • Chapter:      20 Finished 
  • GUSTY’S story
  • Previous word count:     25658
  • Chapter:      18 Finished     
  • Current word count:      26569
  • Chapter:      19 Finished