Change your attitude!!

I generally don’t judge people. In my mind everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions, and I will respect their beliefs and opinions as long as they equally respect mine. I have no problem even discussing our differences, as long as we both are willing to hear the other side, and at least agree to disagree without anger or bad feelings. It is part of nature to be different. The world is defined by all the differences in it. It seems only humanity that has a problem with this.

TogetherThe other day, someone asked a group I am in how to help a suicidal man who has lost hope. My answer is that hope is always there. It can’t be lost. Some just stop looking for it. It seems to me this is really the problem in the world today. It’s not that we have differences in opinion. It’s not that we don’t have workable solutions for the various conflicts that plagues us. The real problem is … to many CHOOSE not to look for the solutions. Too many have decided that THEY are right, and if anyone disagrees then there is no other choice but to fight them. Our problem is not politics, not religion, not even insanity and hate. Our problem is plain and simply our ATTITUDE.

So today I am going to be judgmental. I might offend. I might not. If I do, I don’t actually apologize, because sometimes we need to get a good slap in the face. This is not an attack at specific people, but more at specific mindsets. But I feel it needs to be said. So here are a few observations and thoughts on many different things that are plaguing our world right now:

  • There is no value in separating groups into US and THEM. That is just plain selfish thinking, and also very arrogant. Such ideas as “closing borders” just ensures the rest of the world moves on without us, meanwhile we will just keep finding more groups to separate out. This is NOT the way to a healthy society. I have heard people make claims that if the USA closed the American borders a long time ago, they would not have had all these issues with terrorism. So what next? State vs state? Change THAT attitude if you truly want some measure of peace.
  • Weapons are designed for one thing, and one thing only. To kill. Sure they can be used for other purposes, such a target practice. But that is NOT what they are specifically designed for. Anyone who takes up a weapon willingly is basically making a statement that they are willing to harm or kill another living creature, even if that is not the primary reason they have CHOSEN to take up arms.
  • Laws made to genuinely protect the public against harm are NEVER a violation of rights. At least human rights. And just because it is written in an old document does not mean it is healthy thinking.
  • If there is a god, and if said god is truly loving and compassionate, then god most likely loves EVERYONE equally. He will probably not pick favorites just because some men over a few thousand years have decided that THEY are better than everyone else. That is again just plain selfishness and arrogance.
  • The only people who fear having their lives looked into are people who have something to hide.
  • Freedom of speech does NOT mean freedom to say whatever the hell you want. It does not mean that how many people hear you is more important than the words you say. It was designed to allow people to criticize those in power without fear of repercussions. Not to invade people’s privacy. Not to spread personal agendas. Not to incite fear and violence.
  • Just because it is on the internet, does NOT mean it is true.
  • Unwillingness to even hear another’s ideas is again just selfishness and arrogance. You are basically saying that you are somehow better and smarter than everyone else. It has been my experience that most people who act that way are in fact just the opposite.

TogetherSadly, this list could go on and on. Face it people, the basic reason that our world is filled with hate and conflict is the people who CHOSE hate and conflict. There are ALWAYS other options, if people are just willing to hear them. If we want peace; if we want to feel safe at home and not to fear the every little difference in another, we plain and simply have to change our ATTITUDE about how to deal with these things. Hatred does not end hatred. Violence does not end violence. Separation does not bring unity. And closed minds will never be able to interact with other closed minds.

So all you narrow-minded people out there, try THINKING about your message for change! Peace and an end to violence will only happen if we actually LET it happen!