Crazy centennial creation

I have not done a 100 Word Challenge for Grownups in a few weeks, which somehow seems sacrilegious. So that I don’t once again offend some god or other (I don’t need any more crazy mojo in my life at the moment) I decided to do this week’s. It so happens it is a milestone for the challenge, and a particularly creative and challenging version as well. In honor of the 100th 100 Word Challenge, the prompt this week is to write 100 words with each line beginning with the letter C … which also happens to be 100 in Roman Numerals. Now I am taking this to mean that each sentence must begin with the letter C, unless one is going with poetry in which case it could be each actual line. This is my Creation …



Courage was the keyword today.
Caution was also necessary, but the two were not mutually exclusive.
Centuries of preparation had come to this point in time, and ready or not, it was our duty to see it through.
Could we do it?
Could two inexperienced if well-trained young men do what had to be done?
Children, some called us, and they were not wrong.
Change was upon us, all of us, and the question of whether we COULD was moot.
Closing the gate was plain and simply something we HAD to do.

Charging forward, we headed to our destiny.