Creation Story

Seems like I just wrote one of these. Probably because I just wrote one of these.

In honor of election time, the elimination of personal responsibility, greed, war, general stupidity and all things that make humanity … well … HUMAN, I offer you this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups! The prompt …

…. the line was drawn ….

This creation brought to you by the simple trick of watching my fellow humans go about their daily lives (I include myself of course!).  I hope you all enjoy!

The Divine Artist had all the materials needed. Before him lay a pristine sheet of Pure Creation. He had all the colors of Indelible Protean Ink that existed. The PERFECT BEING Plans had passed all the committee meetings, regulation checks, redrafts and re-redrafts. He was ready for implementation.

He took a deep breath. He had been planning for this his whole life. He dipped the Pen of Birth into the first ink jar and carefully placed the nib, started drawing the line to spec, angled just so and …

… sneezed.


Well the line was drawn now. No going back.

And thus Humanity was created.