De-smurfing! There’s an app for that!

A friend of mine’s uncle is buying a boat that he will soon be using for charters. Some work needs to be done on it before it is fully sea worthy, so my buddy asked me if I wanted to help yesterday. Having no plans (par for the course these days), and liking the idea of actually doing something outside and enjoying the sun, I was very willing.

Of course it rained all day.

""What we were basically doing is sanding the hull preparing it to be repainted. The color on there was blue, and sanding produces a fair amount of dust. So you can imagine what my buddy and I looked like. That is if you can easily imagine two fairly large and bald smurfs.

Due to the rain, the work plans were kind of cut short for the day, so we did what any self-respecting macho type manual laborer would do in such a situation and headed to the nearby Hooter’s for couple drinks and a snack. Deeming large smurfs are not generally going to impress hot young thangs, my buddy and I decided we would wash the blue off first. Of course the nearest bathroom had no hot water and no mirror.

But not to worry. My buddy is an iPhone junkie. So it was not at all surprising when he said "There is an app for that!"


So word of advice for anyone who ever finds themselves needing to clean blue gunk off your face with cold water in a mirror-less bathroom. Make sure you have an iPhone!

A bit of Dawn helps too.