Destiny (WARNING! Dry boring stuff today!)

Everything happens for a reason.

Do you believe that? Do I believe that?

I am going to attempt to share one of the foundations of my belief system. One that actually defines who I am to myself. I am not usually very good at sharing this specific idea, because in some way the belief goes beyond words. But today is D Day in the A to Z challenge, and D seems to be giving me Difficulty. So I Decided to see if I can successfully share my views on Destiny.

One possibility: everything is pre-planned; there is some guiding force out there that has our life written out in advance. This view does not work for me at all. Eliminates the concept of free will, and basically means why bother making decisions for ourself. Because we will simply end up behaving as we were “meant” to behave. Though it can conveniently eliminate the need for guilt, because we only can be what we are meant to be.

The other extreme would be there is absolutely no plan at all. Things just happen. The decisions we make  may guide the course of events. Or they may not. Every decision we make is our own responsibility. There is merit to this point of view as well. Gives us the strength to be what we choose.

The middle ground is that there are certain events that are of such global importance that they are destined to happen. But how they happen is determined by the individuals choices humans make. Under this model, different history lines still end up at the same place. A little free will mixed in with the guidance of something.

This is actually a little closer to my own belief. But not quite there yet.

All right. Here goes!

I believe in Balance. And the interconnectedness of all things. The universe is one big juggling act. In order for things to happen over here, something else must happen over there.  Simply stated. Not so simple a concept me thinks.

So yes I believe Everything Happens for a Reason. But not because someone has so written it. I simply believe that there is a reason it happened. That event needed to happen so that the Universe can maintain its balance. This does not mean that we have no choice in the matter. More that certain events are necessary for balance. Balance is what is important. If I did not do this to get the balance back, then someone else will do that. But something will happen to maintain the balance.

So how has this guided my life? Well I also believe that the Universe tells anyone who listens when things are out of balance. And guides them into what they need to do to help that balance along. The difficulty is that most of us have forgotten how to heed the Universe, making the juggling act that much more of a challenge. When we listen to our souls (oh oh, did I throw the soul in … a future topic in the making), we are actually listening to the universe. However, our brains are inundated by outside noise, drowning out the voice of the soul, often forcing the Universe to try to get our attention in other ways. And so we have the unexpected in our lives.

I have done my best to get my brain out of the picture, and listen to my inner voice. And though it has sometimes resulted in difficult times for me … I firmly believe I am always where I need to be. Easy, or hard, I am doing what I need to be doing. For me. And for the Universe.

Am I making any sense? Probably not. But I had to try. After all, Everything Happens for a Reason.