Category: A to Z Challenge 2011

My first challenge!


When I started high school, being fond of the outdoors I  joined what was called The Ecology Club. We basically did all sorts of outdoor activities depending on the time of the year. Among other things, I quickly gained a passion for canoeing, especially whitewater canoeing. The academic advisor of the club used to run 10 – […]

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Veggie madness (an adventure begins)

They say not to put metal in microwaves. I now know the reason why. On Sunday morning I woke up bright an early at 4:20 PM feeling like Executive Officer Kane from Alien. That was SOME party! One of the best cures for a hangover (second only to a McDonald’s breakfast) is Chinese takeout leftovers. I […]

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I put this disclaimer on one of my more involved and thought filled posts (The Road to Entropy): Knowledge is limiting. Knowledge is static. Understanding is limitless. Understanding is fluid. I lay no claim to knowledge. I do lay claim to understanding. The primary weakness of the following is that it is written with words. Words lie in […]

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Nature (a couple of days late)

My love for nature has helped define who I am today. Nature is my restorative. When the world of man overwhelms me, there is nothing like a visit with nature to restore the balance. For all my supposed ability for understanding, it amazes me that many a human do their best to not only deny […]

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