Foot fetishes and impish smiles

If you have recently glanced at my other blogs (especially the photo one) you will realize that not only have I just bought a new camera, but have been using it fairly frequently recently. If you did not actually know I had other blogs, or don’t, in fact care that I do …  I just bought a new camera, and have been using it fairly frequently recently.

I actually have deluded myself into believing I have some skill with a camera (and fortunately a few other folk seem to share the delusion), so I sometimes can get a little crazy in my efforts to capture that pic. And now that I have a high-tech computing device that could be called a camera, I am having all sorts of fun. This means that I will often be found in the oddest of poses or positions. I must get the pic!

I am still learning the ways of this particular camera, so I will frequently take a whole slew of pics of nothing special just to see how settings differ and such. One of the aspects of photography that always intrigues me is trying to get a bit of motion captured motionless. The new camera is ideal for this, and I can snap a series of photos quickly and often get things like birds in flight and such.

The other day, I wanted to take two pics of the backyard, one with a filter and one without, to compare them. Sounds simple right? Well it would have been, except adventurous Squeak happened to be outside, and Squeak has one rather annoying trait (technically he has several rather annoying traits but we will focus on the one) … he has an extreme foot fetish. No doubt due to his own extra claw. He sees a bare foot, and he feels it is his duty to thoroughly attack said foot. Repeatedly. So the second picture was not exactly lined up like the first, primarily because I was dancing an odd jig to avoid Squeak.

Thinking "OK Squeak, you have energy and want to play? I will test out the action aspects of the camera and take pics of you playing!" Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I pointed the camera at him, he lies down and freezes. With a truly impish grin on his face. Cat’s have mastered the impish grin. No amount of verbal coaxing would get him to move.

I can’t swear to it, but I am pretty sure the famed Murphy must have had cats as pets.