When I came up with the idea for PAX Nation, the intent was to develop an active community for change. This intent has not changed, but for the most part it has so far been just me spouting my own ideas … some maybe good … some maybe not so good. While the number of people who are being reached has grown, feedback is still a minimum, and until recently I have still been doing it alone. However I am too stubborn to quit even when something seems not to be working. With the recent contribution by Nia Peace, who I hope will become a regularly active citizen of PAX Nation, it seems maybe we are starting to arrive at the next step. She has managed to get more feedback with that one post than I have for most of the site altogether. Instead of being discouraged by this, it actually makes me believe once again that this crazy project might ultimately go somewhere.

Nia already has another potential citizen who also wants to contribute and ACT. This fact brought to light part of the reason that this idea has not really gone that far … basically there was no way for anyone to actually SIGN UP. This is solely the incompetence of the creator (namely me), so I have begun rectifying it. Folks are now able to apply for “citizenship” in PAX Nation, and if they choose to can become contributors. This just proves that I need all the help I can get. I may be a decent idea man, but I definitely need skill and bodies to make these ideas a reality.

... are not enough!
… are not enough!

Words are powerful tools. They can make people see the world differently. They can inspire, anger, in create peace or conflict. They can be the trigger of great deeds. But ultimately, they are still just words. Unless they actually end up in some sort of action, they are really nothing more than entertainment at best … and an irritant at worst. I am good with words, sometimes even inspiring words. And I am far from alone in this skill set. But if those words don’t actually result in anything beyond being read, they have actually failed in their purpose.

Change can not be made by words alone!

All actions start with an idea. Words can express the idea … but they will never become a reality if those words are not acted upon. This is where people come in. A community of ONE has basically NO influence on the course of humanity … no matter how clever they may be with words. No great leader affected change without followers. I am not claiming to be a leader (great or no) nor am I seeking followers. But I am trying to create a community where maybe such a leader (or leaders) can thrive, and people with good hearts and the will to bring our world to new level of awareness will flock to that leader’s support.

Do you believe such a thing can happen? Do you have ideas on HOW to make it happen? Become a contributing citizen of PAX Nation. Maybe you are one the leaders we am waiting for. Or maybe you just have some damned good ideas. We will never know unless they are shared and tried. Do you have the courage to take that step? I can’t be the only one with crazy yet possible ideas can I?