I am resolved … how about you?

A smile is the same in all languages.
A smile is the same in all languages.

As we move into a new calendar year, many people make resolutions. How can I improve myself this year? What can I do to make myself better? This is always a noble choice. Life is often defined as a journey in self-improvement. It has been my personal experience though that many focus on physical things. I will lose weight. I will stop smoking. I will get that dream job. Again they are all good goals. But have you ever considered the possibility of taking these resolution one step further?

Human health and well-being is not just defined by the physical. We are also defined by our emotional and spiritual health. One can achieve physical perfection, but one will still not truly be healthy and whole without focusing on all aspects of what makes us human. The true irony is these aspects are not mutually exclusive. People who take very good care of their physical side still manage to get sick if their emotional and spiritual balance is not equally cared for. So maybe once in while our resolutions should be: I will be happy more often. I will get in touch with my spiritual self. I will learn to be nicer and more understanding.

I have an even stronger proposal though. Societies are defined by their components. Each human plays a role in a society just as each cell plays a role in the human body. If the cells fail a human, they will become physically ill. So it is with society. If humans fails the society, it too becomes ill. I propose that this year being the first year in a new age for humanity (maybe?) we resolve to make society itself healthier. We can work on society’s weight (by not wasting so much). Or we can work on society’s emotional health, and bring love and peace back. I am not sure we are quite ready to fix society’s spiritual health. That would be have to be a future resolution maybe.

This is my personal resolution, which I have started a few weeks early as you can see. Anyone wish to join me? I am not strong enough to do it all alone 😀

What is your resolution going to be?