I have the power!

A friend of mine asked me to answer a question the other day. He is trying to make a video, expressing many people’s views as to the answer of this question, and wanted all of us to consider it carefully. I found it a pretty interesting question, and even as I attempt to answer it, I am not really sure that I KNOW the answer. But I think it is worth a try. And who knows, I might spark a thought in other’s minds, so that they too can offer insight into the answer.

The question was this: Who actually rules the world? Who has the power?

First of all, I would say that nobody actually rules the world. We are ultimately just a life form on a large rock.The world takes care of itself. It has been for long before we came along, and will continue long after we disappear … especially if humanity continues on the path it seems determined to follow. So the better question is: Who controls humanity?

There are several quick answers to this question, though it will probably differ depending on who you ask. Some would say the wealthy. Others would say those with the most powerful weapons  Still others might claim it is one church or another. At first I would have been tempted to say one of the above, but upon reflection I don’t believe any of those answers is correct.

he manThe strength of the human spirit is in the individual. It is in our flexibility, as well as our imagination. We can do anything; make anything happen, if we simply choose to. No governing body, no matter how wealthy or strong in weapons or even how wise sounding, can actually rule the masses unless the masses allow them to rule. In my mind it is really as simple as that. The power is ultimately in the people. The problem is much of the time the people forget this, or don’t even recognize it. We choose to accept those who APPEAR to have some edge, whether it be more resources, or a bigger bat, or maybe they just seem smarter, and just let them guide us as THEY wish. Often we will just meekly follow without questioning. But the truth of the matter is, if enough people stand up and question; if enough people stop being sheep and actually push back when they are being driven, the power will almost always shift in their favor. This has been proven time and again throughout history. When the populace reaches its breaking point against a leader or leaders who did not know when to quit, a revolution occurs. Sometimes it takes the form of war; sometimes it might take the form of peaceful protest, or simply a new way at looking at the world. But it always happens when people choose to make it happen. When they suddenly recognize their own power, and that EVERYONE has something to offer the world at large.

I think the better question would be, when are WE ready to take responsibility to OUR inheritance; OUR duty to EACH other? Do we want others to tell us how we should live our lives, or do we choose to shape humanity in a way that is to the benefit of everyone? As long as we ALLOW others to make our decisions, we give them power over us. However if we choose to take the power back, we actually have a chance as long as others will stand alongside of us. Sure it takes commitment, and people must be willing to devote their lives to the effort, but ultimately HUMANITY as a whole can guide its OWN destiny.