In MY day …

For us supposedly creative types, inspiration comes in many different ways. The funny thing is usually it comes when we least look for it. Somehow the more we actually seek inspiration, the more it hides on us. Kind of like looking for the cat when you actually WANT to give it attention. At least this is how it works for me, and I like to think I am not COMPLETELY unique.

I have actually been hiding from inspiration for a few weeks (surprisingly successfully), but now I am looking for it again, and of course it is giggling and slipping around corners on me. But fortunately I just popped over to Lady or Not … Here I Come, a site devoted to purity, wisdom, and all things righteous, and was inspired … despite a distinct effort to NOT inspire by its ever so humble creator.

Get on with the inspiration already you are no doubt not thinking right now. OK,OK, how can I ignore the pleas of my devoted fans (even if I am the one saying it). On with the show.

Back in my yute, uncountable years ago, I enjoyed that right that all yutes enjoy … that of laughing at my elders as they regaled me with tales of how much worse they had it as a child. Who’d a thunk that as I approach a slight level of maturity (very slight), I would be thinking the same thing about the young ‘uns these days. A few examples:

"UphillIn MY day …

  • … we had to WALK to answer the phone.
  • … we had one TV, and it was a measly 18 inch screen (and that was a BIG one).
  • … real life was actually more exciting than video games (though PONG rules).
  • … if we wanted to talk to our friends we had to walk to the phone again, or even more likely, walk to their actual house.
  • … we had to actually DO research for our research papers.
  • … our knowledge of the world came from odd things like reading, and … brace yourself, experience.
  • … a bulletin board was made of cork and required pins or tacks.
  • … a friend was a person you actually knew.
  • … gossip and odd postings on a wall was called graffiti.
  • … a picture actually meant something because you only had 12 or 24 pics to a roll of film and it cost money to develop.
  • … we had ONE bus stop for several neighborhoods.

These are only a few of the hardships of my generation that come to mind. Admittedly it was not as bad as walking to school, barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways carrying our desks (what my dad used to tell me) but damn do kids have it easy these days. Not sure why they are always so bored and angry at the world?