My cup does not runneth

The other day, I was doing my best to be all writerly. I was sitting in a coffee shop with my sister and my Macbook Pro, writing, eating, chatting … in short doing my best to imitate the stereotypical starving artist type. My brother-in-law also stopped in for a bit, then they left to do teacherly things at the local university, leaving me to type away and look cool!

Well in my mind at least!

I was so involved with actually writing something that I totally forgot to do coffee shoperly things and making myself truly fit in. I mean shouldn’t I be sipping coffee while I look all cool typing away on my computer, giving everyone who was no doubt not actually aware I was there the impression that here was someone to notice? Sadly there was one flaw in this plan.

I don’t really drink coffee all that much.

I was actually focused on what I was doing (which is a miracle in itself) and had one blog post done, and was working on another, when my sister got back from being the guest prof in my B.I.L.’s (look at me pretending to be all text savvy) class. We had some time before we had to go and pick up the niece at school (sis was driving of course), so my sister decided to have some hot chocolate. I might not do the coffee thang, but hot chocolate is another matter. I of course gladly accepted when sis offered to get me one (not just cuz she was paying mind you).

""It is a good thing I did not attempt a hot beverage on my own. When my sister handed me the cup, it took me a few minutes to figure out that I did not actually know how to obtain the warm yumminess inside. The high-tech, drip safe lid was beyond this guy with a physics degree. Good thing my sister is a coffee shop pro. She gave me step by step instructions on actually safe cracking the lid.

I guess I failed my coffee shop skills test. So much for being a proper writer!