"Penny for your thoughts" is overcharging …

I am not one for reading newspapers or watching the news. It has been my experience they are more interested in impressing the masses and getting the most viewers than actually imparting anything resembling useful information.

Sort of like me as a blogger.

That said, I occasionally will pick up a newspaper because something catches my eye, or someone points something out to me. Or inadvertently watch the news because my remote’s battery’s died mid-channel search and I find something worth looking at. The something is almost invariably a something that fills me with a sense of awe about humanity. Usually I am awed about how insane humans actually are, but there is the rare occasion that it is actually something that gives a modicum of hope for the species.

Sadly the item of interest today is not one of those items.

Today’s little snippet proving that humans in general, and specifically that class of humans that calls themselves American, are plain and simply … off their rockers. They’ve misplaced their marbles; lost a screw or three; missed their exit; been in the sun far too long … if you are not quite catching what I am saying we are nuts.

Why this rousing praise for the American species? We are in the midst of an economic crisis, with fights to the death on were to spend what and who for (otherwise known as campaigning), and basically having no money to do it anyway. And today in the Boston Globe is an interesting little article that says … you may want to sit down for this … that we, the self-proclaimed smart guys, are currently spending two dollars and forty-one cents to …


Yep. You read that right. It costs us 241 pennies to make 1 penny.

Correct me if I am wrong, but that does not seem very cost-effective.

It is a good thing that the powers that be are on top of issues like this, by systematically doing such things as trying to remove the already earned rights of women to live their own lives and such. Yep, with brains like we have our future sure is gonna be a bright one!!