Scraping off some mud

I have not blogged in a few weeks. I seem to have run out of things to say. Even with pictures. The last posts I did were prompted by Cheri Speak‘s Week of Words Challenge. I would like to think I rose to the challenge … the prompts were certainly thought-provoking. I guess it is vote time, this one actually had awards. Unfortunately, I seem to be having internet issues (or Cheri is) and I personally can’t get over there to vote. All the contributions I read were great, so even if none chooses to vote, it is worth a look!

So why have I not been posting? I seem to have once again run into a “Why bother?” conundrum. It is not really that I have nothing to say … rather I have nothing NEW to say. I put energy into words and photos to share with others, and get very little feedback to tell me they are even seen, let alone appreciated. Some of my works are intended to incite thought, or better yet ACTION, but from what I can tell this rarely happens. Maybe it is weakness in the creations, maybe it is a lack of audience, maybe it is just another voice among billions. But sometimes it seems to not be worth the effort. I do not seek acclaim. I do not seek fame or fortune. But I DO seek a concept of forward motion … and that I am not receiving.

The real issue is even I am not finding satisfaction in my creations. Spinning wheels in mud may be fun for a short time, but it gets old pretty quickly, and it seems that is all I am doing. Spinning wheels. I have fallen into the box that I have been attempting to observe from the outside, and lost the energy to crawl back out.

So what changed now?

mudBasically put, giving up altogether is not really in my makeup. If I can’t come up with something NEW, then maybe a shift of something OLD will reveal something to me. At least it will keep the mind in motion … stagnation is a given if the mind stops completely.

Sometimes I get mired in that stagnation though.

So here I am, back at … SOMETHING. Who knows what (if anything) will come of it. But I GUARANTEE nothing will come of … nothing. So I will get back to a crawl, and maybe that will turn back into a walk; a run; a sprint; a jump for new heights! I guess it really all comes down to rebuilding momentum.

Maybe the newest ride will be worth it for others too.