The Universe is always speaking to us…

…the trick is knowing how to hear what the universe has to say.  The messages are there. The messengers may be different depending on your belief system, but the messages are always there.  We just need to earn how to silence the cacophony; to remove the blinders.  We frequently ask the questions, then block ourselves from the answers.  But the answers are there.

Take a deep breath. Let it slowly out.  Do this a couple more times.  Then really look around you.  Feel the air.  Listen to the sounds. Don’t expect. Just open your senses.  Try this. You may be surprised at what suddenly becomes evident to you.

Today as I was driving to work it was foggy.  So foggy that I could only see a few yards ahead of me.  I have driven this way many times before, to the point that the drive has become somewhat stale. Today it was as if a new world was constantly being revealed to me.  Because of the limited range of vision, I was forced to really notice my immediate surroundings…surroundings that constantly shifted as I drove down the road.  It was amazing how many details suddenly entered my awareness.  The ride was interesting again. But that was not the true magic.  I have been kind of angry at the world recently. Fed up with humanity. Burnt out. This piecemeal revelation of a world that has lost its flavor for me reminded me to appreciate the now.  Fully live when and where you are. Let the road behind drift into the fog behind you; let the road ahead reveal itself as it will. Only by fully appreciating what is right there can you be ready to react to the unexpected. If you tune out the world you will constantly be caught by surprise.

I opened myself to the Universe and was refreshed by the message it had to share at that moment.

Another lesson relearned.