To all my wedding vendor acquaintances out there….

One of my blogging friends, the world renowned Tori Nelson, is doing that thing that you guys like oh so much! Getting hitched. Tying the knot. Forging a ball and chain. Getting spliced.

It case you haven’t quite gotten she is getting married. And being a blogging goddess, she decided to do it in a rather creative way. With the help of her readers!

But here is her difficulty. Apparently many vendors are skeptical of her veracity (ohhh, now that is a word!) So me being me I figured I would try a bit o’ networking on her behalf and see what comes up.

Difficulty: wedding is in the Nashville area, and my connections are in the Boston area.

Bonus: a fun wedding, some cash, and publicity that could reach international proportions.

So if anyone is remotely interested in getting involved with something like this, or has contacts in her area that would be willing, let me know or even contact her directly!

Granted most of my connections in the area will probably never see this post, but one never knows! Anything that might help!