Undoing an injustice, a Whiny Wednesday post

Today is WHINY WEDNESDAY on the A Week of Words Blogger Challenge. Today’s post is our chance to let the world know in no uncertain terms how we feel about something that really bothers us … and we should include a meme to really get the point across. This one somehow seems appropriate for me, since lately all I do is whine. I have so many things that nip my butt; things that rub me the wrong way; things that get my back (and dander) up; things that ruffle my feathers after they get my goat; things that try to get in my hair but can’t (because I have no hair) and settle for making my blood boil instead. What can I say, I am moody lately. But despite this plethora of things to bitch about, I can’t think of one to single out for Whiny Wednesday. So I guess I’ll just have to come up with a new one. Here goes ….

I really loved my first pet.  I loved him, hugged him, pet him and squeezed him …  and called him George. He was my best friend. Until he went the way of pets, you know, going to a farm in the country, and I had to get another one. I had a bunch, not all male, but all named George. And I found that I liked them so much, that I have continuously had at least one, and sometimes many at one time … until recent years. I even bred them for a while! I guess you can say that my attitude changed, or that I woke up somehow. Part of it is recognizing how much energy they took away from my life that could better be used elsewhere. And part of it was maybe learning humility.

Yep, I had enough pet peeves in my life that I could have opened a zoo.

Somewhere along the way, it dawned on me that we humans are pretty arrogant. We somehow think we are the peak of life, and have no issue making pets of the so-called lesser animals, justifying it with saying how much better their life is under the “caring” arms of a human. Yet we have constant references in the news of pets being abused or neglected. At the same time we humans are constantly shouting about how important “freedom” is. It seems SO hypocritical. I still love my peeves, but I realize now that by trying to tame them and control them, I am doing them an injustice. Just like us, peeves deserve to be free! They deserve to live life as they wish, without having to give in to the crazy whims of humans!

I have done some research, and it has become apparent that peeves have been so thoroughly domesticated that they no longer even live in the wild! This is HORRIBLE, a true crime against nature! Where are all those so-called lovers of nature now? How did they let such a thing happen to a basically harmless little creature … one who almost always is more bark than bite? This has really been annoying me for some time now!

The worse thing is I know few people who don’t have at least ONE pet peeve. So I am taking a stand now. Wake up world! Peeves deserve freedom too! Let your peeves go! Let them embrace the life that they were meant to have; a carefree life not guided by selfish humans. Let us break the chains forged by thousands of years of incorrect thinking, and let our peeves go!

I, for one, think that the world would be a much better place if peeves were allowed their freedom!


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