What comes after h?

Well the renowned  BLOGGING FROM A TO Z APRIL CHALLENGE 2011 starts very shortly. It seems I am one of over 700 participants. And while this is not a contest to be won, it is still a challenge. At least for me. But before I wander further down this road, let me clear up for my small fan club what is actually true from my list of untruths as required by the Memetastic Award.

  • While I have been on many canoe / camping trips, and we have had some odd occurrences … I never actually camped next to a grave stone or had any supernatural encounters.
  • I did visit China. And there were one or two encounters when I was not quite clear what was actually being offered. But no formal marriage requests.
  • Yep. I was stuck in a cave. Made for an interesting flight home. I was suffering from hypothermia, so could not get warm on the plane. Full winter get up and every blanket I could find, and still shivering. Never got such service from the Flight Attendants (of course that was when they were still called Stewardesses)
  • I did party hardy back in the day, and wasn’t always sure where I was when I woke up. But it was always within walking distance of where I started.
  • I did barely graduate with a Physics degree, but had it chosen before I even went to college. No waffling for me (even if I had multiple interests).

Ok so they all bore elements of truth. But isn’t that what makes a lie more believable?

Back to the upcoming challenge. Queue Eye of the Tiger…

I have been “in training” for this ever since I decided (was expressly challenged) to do it. How does one “train”? Well I have started two new websites, started reading more blogs and commenting on them to establish mutual relationships, and been creating something new for each of these sites (if not more than one) every day.

Except maybe for that week where I obsessively played my new video game. Since I made the decision on Mar 15, and today is Mar 28, it seems I have been “training” for a whole 6 days.

I am so proud of myself!

Joking aside, this should be fun. The actual challenge? A post a day (except Sundays) for the month of April, one for each letter of the Alphabet. Said letters to be the first letter of the subject matter. I am looking forward to the many creations this will generate (including my own)!

I still need a little help with the alphabet though.