Woohoo! I’m rich!!

When you set about doing something like writing a blog about the hilarity found in everyday life, it requires actually experiencing life occasionally. One of the issues of living life as a hermit, and a lazy one at that, is that life does not exactly rush to entertain said hermit. Let’s face it, tripping over a cat or forgetting what day it is has only so much comedic appeal. Of course I am making a major assumption here in guessing that ANYTHING I have written has comedic appeal, but we don’t want to give our hermit (namely me) an inferiority complex.

But it just does not seem right to not at least post SOMETHING once in a while. I have devoted readers (or three very bored procrastinators) who await my laugh inducing words (don’t say it!). So determined to tell stories of recent acts of hilarity, I sit at the keyboard and begin typing.

And draw a complete blank.

So while I am trying to think of something worthy of a laugh to write about I go and check my email. Voilà! I have my post!


I am not sure whether to be sad or happy that all these widowed millionairesses are suddenly dying of cancer. They all seem to have found God in their last days, and deemed me such a worthy soul that they want to give their millions to me so I can spend it all on  the works of God (and bypass their greedy descendants in the process). Which idea they promptly relay to me in very poor English! It is truly heartening that my reputations is so solid!!

I would be tempted to follow through with this except for a couple of minor details. I get at least two of these letters a week from different people, so unless becoming widowed actually causes cancer in greedy over sixty woman I find myself slightly skeptical. Not to mention the fact that as far as I can tell, it is not actually possible to establish someone’s character from random a email address, so I am not sure how anyone thinks I am so trustworthy.

Ah well. Maybe I won’t be rich. But at least I have a blog post.