A Bevy of Beautiful … Babes?

A conspiracy of events and memories brings you today’s post. Everybody loves a good conspiracy!

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    I am once again delving into the world of theater. It has been a long time since I played at … well … playing. I am auditioning for a job tomorrow, something I have not done in quite a while (both audition and actually work).

  2. My sister who is a theater expert (she’s got all sorts of initials to prove it) gave me some coaching. The word "pirate" was used.
  3. Several times I have been part of the cast of Pirates of Penzance.
  4. A Bevy of Beautiful Babes appears in Pirates of Penzance (sort of … technically it’s Maidens).
  5. Today’s letter in the A to Z Blogging Challenge is "B"

Back in my performing days (if you wanted to go so far as to call me a performer) I once had the fortune to be part of a cast performing Pirates of Penzance on an actual ship. A Tall Ship. It was a small Tall Ship to be sure, but still a Tall Ship. I was part of the chorus (I didn’t say I was GOOD). In the first act of the show I played a constable. In the second act, I played a pirate.

I was somewhat of a sensation during the show (despite my background part) due to acts of acrobatic finesse! As a constable I did a glorious job "tripping" over the gangplank and somersaulting right to where I needed to be. And then later, I was actually climbing the rigging of the ship as a pirate, when I "fell", dangling by my legs in a crowd gasping maneuver!

I nearly stole the show!

The truly funny thing was that in both cases it was a combination of clumsiness and pure luck. Neither was intentional. Both were just me doing my best not to break my fool neck!

After all, the show must go on!