All American!

Been unusually busy the last couple of weeks (at least by my standards). Between the holidays and my recently starting a stint as Uncle Mom (likely more about that later), I have barely had the chance to find excuses not to write! Er … um … I mean the time to write. But it is time to stop pretending I am actually busy and get the creative juices flowing again.

In this day and age of collapsing economies and love thy neighbor but don’t trust ’em, we all look for a sense of stability and some good ole’ feeling good about things. Some find it in the holiday celebrations, but that is sadly a fleeting thing. So many jump onboard bandwagons to feel like they belong to something important and that all is right with the world. Sports teams. Reality shows. And my personal favorite (to poke fun at anyway) … patriotism.

We seem to find comfort in belonging to such groups. Makes us feel better knowing we are better than THEM.  And all us American’s KNOW that all American is the best way to be right?

Pause here to let my non-American readers catch their breath from laughing so hard.

So Grandma (or mom to me) wanted to treat her only granddaughter to a special gift for the season of giving. One of the products that helped her learn her fascination with online shopping is the unique creature known as the American Girl. Anyone who has a child who likes dolls is probably aware of these wonderful (or to me kind of creepy) homage to all things female-y youthful about America. The American Girl dolls are fairly realistic representations of the cultural heritage that makes up the melting pot that is America. They each have their collection of appropriate accessories and gizmos … all easily purchased separately of course … truly American all the way. My niece Sarah now has two thanks to Grandma and her new mouse skills.

I was a bit surprised when Sarah was opening her newest dolly sister to find out how truly American the American Girl was.


What could be more American than to be Made In China?