I woke up this morning with that wanderlust that spring seems to attract. Had nothing planned for the day, but was seriously in the mood for adventure. But what to do?

Nothing really burbled to me.

I pondered this dilemma uffishly. So uffishly that I lost track of time. Before I knew it, ’twas brillig.

Suddenly inspiration hit. I haven’t gimbled in forever. And a healthy gyre would not go amiss either. And I knew just the place to do go.

Frabjous man!

So I gathered up my things, and  quickly galumphed off to the wabe. I took the short route. You know the one. It goes by the ancient Tumtum tree. When I passed the tree, I noticed some markings on the trunk. Seems some kids have been carving their initials in the tree. As hard as the wood is, they must have been using a vorpal blade. Seriously, do kids respect anything these days?

There were toves everywhere in the wabe today. And I never saw them so slithy! Always a good sign! They seem to have flourished ever since that beamish dude snicker-snacked the Jabberwock. The wabe was just the place to be. Sure it still got a little tulgey in the less used parts, but what can ya do?

I found myself a comfy spot, and began stretching a little. Never a good idea to gimble without stretching first. I was getting excited about the prospect. Suddenly all the toves stopped what they were doing. Everything got eerily quiet. Even the raucous calls of the annoying Jubjub birds stilled. They never shut up for anything!

Well almost anything. Damn! Not another Bandersnatch! Those critters are seriously manxome! I still had scars from the last time I stumbled across one. They cant’ kill you, but they sure have sharp teeth. And the way they moved that long mimsy neck of theirs … well I was not in THAT adventurous a spirit.

Before I got into trouble, I whiffled my ass out of there.