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Yep, she’s my sis!

The P.O.W.ER of the mind

[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]Destiny has been on my mind lately. Does it exist? What actually IS it? Do we follow a path that has already been set before us? Or do we make it all up as we move along? These are questions many wrestle with. These questions are lately the core of my OWN path. […]

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The Power of Women's Voices (via Woman Wielding Words)

Just felt this was worth sharing 🙂 The post I had planned on writing before I was sidetracked by the disaster in Japan speaks louder because of that same incident. Given the disturbing attempts in the United States toward limiting women’s freedom, rights, and basic equality I have been thinking a lot about women’s roles […]

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Fairy Dust and Starshine: Necessities of Life (via Woman Wielding Words)

She magically read my mind… That’s it! I’ve figured out what one of the major problems is with this world. Too many people have stopped believing in fairies. By this I mean the more general belief in a magical world that is not dictated by our rules of science. We have lost the sense of […]

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