Close your eyes before you read this

""Sometimes I admire our advanced society sooooo much. I mean you really have to respect a culture that is so concerned with explaining how to do things, and ensuring that they are done safely.

For instance we all know cars can be a very dangerous thing if used incorrectly. So it is imperative that all users are made well aware of the proper way to use these big ass metal deathtraps. And it is safe to assume that the average user is likely NOT to be smart enough to even breathe on their own without instructions. Why else would motor homes have warnings to indicate that Cruise Control is NOT in fact Auto Pilot.

I was sitting in a friend’s car the other day. Like every new one these days it comes complete with its own computer screen in the dashboard. You know a computer that basically every home office needs. A computer that I might add is below the window, in the center of the dashboard.

I have to admit I felt very secure when I saw this particular message on the screen:


It is truly wise advice. My only concern is: How exactly is one actually able to read the road signs and for that matter, see the road, if they are busy reading the computer screen? Somehow that seems to rank up there with having braille on drive through ATM keypads.

Am I missing something?