Failed strategy?

In the last week I have been hard at work in my goal to become sleek and slim so I can take up the mantle of lord of all I purvey at some point. I decided on a new exercise strategy … since my last weigh in was an increase in poundage. I was so focused on my effort that I have barely been online all week, let alone sharing blogging goodness in the world. The last word is that Chlost was still ahead of the game despite a recent setback. No word from Mark yet this week, no doubt he is on a new diet of bacon and skittles.

But no doubt, being here on MY blog y’all wanna no where I am at (Yep. I said y’all).  Well the truth is my new strategy did not seem to work again. Apparently sleeping for a week is NOT really considered a proper exercise and diet technique. Yesterday’s weigh in had me at a solid 7 lbs from my starting point. Sadly that is up. Yes my valiant efforts have successfully raised my weight nicely. I am very clearly in last place still.

Irony IS a way of life isn’t it?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. This is really all according to plan. I am letting them build their confidence, being the nice guy that I am. It would not be nice for me to become a model of man flesh TOO quickly! We wouldn’t want anyone to lose hope.

Now if you excuse me, I hear a thick piece of chocolate cake desperately calling my name.