Faux texts

According to dictionary.com, a telephone is "an apparatus, system, or process for transmission of sound or speech to a distant point, especially by an electric device."

Obviously, this definition was made before they invented the modern cell phone.

These days, it seems our vocal chords are quickly being replaced by our fingers. Sometimes it seems we have more conversations in the form of visual words then audible voices. Email. Chat.  Social sites. And of course, texting. One goes to any social setting and the majority of the people will have a cell phone. Most likely out. And for every one person actually talking on it (yes cell phones can actually be used THAT way too) there are probably ten pumping away with their fingers.

""I can easily envision a future form of humans with permanently downward pointing heads and huge twitching thumbs.

This has even resulted in a whole new language being developed. Namely text speech. But for those who have difficulty picking up new languages, it is still possible to text using the same one we actually speak. And to make it easier for the spelling and thumb challenged, most cell phones have a way of suggesting what word it is you are trying to spell so you don’t actually have to type all the letters. Of course it is more of a challenge if you have no idea how to spell it in the first place.

There is one little drawback of this little feature. Unless your cellphone has an actual keyboard, you’re using the number pad to type. Which means multiple possible words coming from the same numbers. In theory it will suggest the most used words, though I sometimes question that theory. If you are not paying attention, you might actually send the wrong word altogether.

This obviously can be quite humorous sometimes. If not downright embarrassing.

For instance, anytime someone types my name (Steve) the most likely word to pop up will be queue. Now I challenge anyone who does not work for Disney to use that word in everyday conversation! "Me" and "home" are a couple that I always get wrong (they will often be "of" and "good"). I am sure it would be quite confusing when someone receives  a message from me saying "It’s of queue, I will be good soon!"

What brought this bit o babble to mind was  a faux text from yesterday. My pal and I were meeting another friend for drinks. We had not quite planned where yet, so my pal texted "We will go to [so and so] for starters". Or intended to text that. He was a little confused when the reply was "Quarters? Really?"

Then again back in the day that may have been what we actually planned. Nothing like drinking games at the bar!