Maybe I shouldn't do that

As I slowly learn to fit into my new superhero costume (Writing Man), I am finding there are many little tricks to learn to survive the first time novel-writing experience. Unfortunately these are not necessarily the types of things  seasoned writers are likely to share with a newbie. Maybe because their trials were different. Or they just deem it is best to learn such lessons first hand.

The official epiphany pic!

But me being the nice guy I am, I will share some of the lessons I have already learned so that other’s might avoid some headaches. Literally in some cases. I already mentioned a few of the challenges I have with discipline in my previous post, but I have also noted a few other DO’s and DON’T’s that might be helpful.

I am already finding that I seem to be constantly developing the story in my head even when not actually at the computer. Not necessarily bad, but it does present some difficulties. I have learned you should not write in your head when shaving. Or using any heavy machinery. Not really a good idea when walking across a busy street either. Pretty much you should avoid writing in your head when doing anything requiring hand/eye coordination, or when near any object that could potentially cause mass destruction. That said, as you totally ignores this wise advice, it is a good idea to have some sort of recording advice for  that sudden awesome idea that springs into your head as you are just about to be run over by a bus, so you don’t forget it in the confusion afterwards.

A few more lesson I am learning. If your desk happens to be beneath a slant roof that is only about five and a half feet tall, it is wise to remember that you are three inches taller than that. Don’t forget to eat. But also good to remember that melty sticky stuff does not play well with a computer keyboard. Cat’s don’t make good footrests. And telephones are absolutely NOT your friends.

I am sure I will have many more things to learn in the coming months, and will share any notable ones as they come up. But now it might be a good time for me to write down the story related things that are percolating in my noggin even as I babble on here!

Right after I answer the phone.