FedEx Blues!

After my slight difficulty with ordering my new toy, one might guess I would be a little excited to get it. Especially if one has encountered my impatient streak. I was very happy to get the e-mail from Verizon stating that the order had been placed and had been scheduled for Next Day delivery. They even provided me the FedEx tracking number so I could look it up online every five minutes to see if it was any closer yet.

Of course Next Day is another one of those phrases that has completely lost its meaning in modern-day capitalistic English. Kind of like "free" or "guaranteed." Since the email from Verizon was actually received on Sunday, it was safe to assume that the package, in actual fact, had NOT been delivered, but was no doubt waiting in some loading dock for a truck to pick it up on Monday. So Next Day actually meant "in two days".

""Just in case I of course checked the FedEx website several times on Sunday. Who knew if some overzealous and bored FedEx employees decided to run into work on a Sunday afternoon to pick up a few random packages and get them on the road. Weirder things have happened. Sadly this did not seem to be one of those Sundays.

But on Monday the site gladly told me that the package was in transit, and would arrive at my door "by 3pm Tuesday".  Oddly that time never changed in the 450 subsequent views of the FedEx site I made.

I woke up this morning (Tuesday) excited for the pending delivery. I even began working on my book early, because no doubt I would spend the late afternoon and evening playing with the new toy, downloading apps and figuring out how to use it and such. There is even an app for WordPress! Woohoo!

I was downstairs several time throughout the day, partly in anticipation, partly to pace while I thought about book stuff. Around 2:30 I remembered that our door bell does not work, so went down to put a note on the door telling them to knock.

Only to find a nice little tag that effectively says :"We came, where were you?"


On it is the option to pick the package up at the local FedEx office after 6pm. Of course the office is only open til 5pm.

The really annoying part was that I was actually downstairs when they said they came. Apparently they tried the bell and when it did not work just left. I guess knocking on the door is kind of like using the actual tv controls when the remote is not working.

We really need to fix that doorbell!