It continues …

Not sure deciding to start writing a book on Fourth of July weekend is the best idea!

I am proud to say though that despite lack of sleep due to working and debauchery followed by a day of slacking for recovery purposes I have still managed to make some progress!

I managed to create a database to track characters, and now realize it may have other uses as well. I might actually have a way to stay organized!! Woohoo! On top of that I have a couple of bodies willing to be my test dummies. In other words read things and let me know if it works and makes sense and all that kind of readerly thing. If anyone else wants to help keep me on track as well as get sneak peeks and maybe help me actually write something good just shoot me a line!

Some might be wondering if I am actually writing book stuff while I am off partying, working, blogging, databasing and recruiting. The funny thing is doing this seemingly distracting or unnecessary stuff actually helps me write. I put a seed in my head, tell it to start growing, then let it do its stuff in the background while I focused outwardly on other tasks. Then when I am ready to sit down and do the book thang I actually have words bubbling forth. Today I only wrote for a few hours, and maybe only produced 700 words or so, but that effectively doubled what I have already written. And I actually have a bit of direction now.

I won’t  continue give daily updates like this cuz I am sure most will quickly grow sick of hearing about it. But I am a little excited and proud because I had ample opportunity and excuses to put it off for another day, and I didn’t. I am psyched that I have actually found the passion to do this and that I am approaching it with will and energy. It has been a looooong time since I was proud of myself in this way!!!

Seemed worth sharing!