New Hires!

When I first came up with the idea for this site, I envisioned a few things going differently. For one I had this crazed delusion that it would quickly become a world phenomenon, and that others would be flocking to jump onboard and share their own humorous anecdotes as well. Of course within five minutes of actually activating the site, I hit my head a second time and sane expectations returned.

I also envisioned having something more of an actual life, something slightly beyond the crazed hermit in the attic, which would generate many fun filled little tales of my own. As of this moment that actually has not happened all that much. So I hermetically (is that the proper use of the word?) come up with what I can to entertain the masses. If you define masses as somewhere between five and twenty people that is.

But even in my meager selection of humorous tales, it is apparent that my four "categories" does not cover all the possibilities of life funitude. I need to expand the operation a bit.

The Ninja Cats need help!

I scoured the worldinet – you know that thing that is all about us OFF the computer – and came up with some candidates that passed muster with the team. Though it was iffy at first. Without further ado, meet the Apprentice Ninja Cats:



Lizzie is my oldest "niece". She is a smart dog who knows how to get what she wants. Rare is the visit that she does not have someone giving her treats galore, even though they fought tooth and nail to resist her wiles! Lizzie posts are dedication to the art of persuasion, and getting what you desire.



Jasper is and always will be the eternal puppy. He has boundless energy, and loves to explore. Unfortunately he sometimes bites of more than he can chew! Jasper posts are dedicated to youthful energy and having "eyes bigger than your stomach".