New phonage … the saga continues …

I got a lot of exercise yesterday running up and down the stairs wondering if the FeEx guy had come yet.

Finally, roughly 24 hours from when I expected, the package arrived. I had a nice chat with the delivery guy as he explained how vigorously he had banged on the door yesterday. Then calmly took the package up to my room to careful open it (read that as tore it open in a violent frenzy worthy of Christmas morning).

Everything seems to be there, including activation instructions. Woohoo!

Get mom’s phone together and charging. Then set down to mine. First task: back up the contact list on the old phone with the handy online Backup Assistant. I carefully follow the simple instructions to download the app to my phone. Six times!

Guess that’s not happening. No problem. There are only a few numbers I need anyway.

I turn the phone on and plug it into my computer with the cable provided, as instructed. Log into iTunes to activate the phone, as instructed. Do what iTunes tells me to do. The phone gets recognized and synched. Gets an operating system update that takes an hour. Everything it needs!

Except activation.

It seems Customer Support misses me.

So I call the suggested number and follow the machines instructions a few times on how to automatically activate the phone by dialing a certain number. Which of course does not work. Eventually get myself to a human who has to manually enter the order details that four hours of online ordering never actually managed to place in their system so that the phones can actually  be activated.

So here I am now, thumbs pumping away as I blog about the end of this adventure on my new toy (taking three times as long as I would on my computer)!

Yep. They have an app for that too.