Ninja remotes

As time crawls along, we tend to label the various parts of our history based on the prevailing personalities of the time.  The Baby Boomers. The Me Generation. The X Generation. To name a few examples.

""I dub this the Remote Generation. Everything these days can be done remotely. Thanks to the wonders of connectivity technology, you don’t even have to be in the vicinity for a remote to work. It all started with the television remote, followed quickly by remotes for audio devices and the like. You buy a new electronic device (especially one meant for entertainment), and very likely there will be a remote control included in the package.

There is always the universal remote. If we can actually manage to make it work with everything! And for some reason, even though we may have the vaunted universal remote, we still keep the other remotes lying around. Just in case? It is always fun visiting someone who says to make yourself at home and feel free to watch what you want on the telly while I go get us some snacks. Which invariably means waiting til they come back since you can’t either find the remote or figure out which of the 5 is the right one.

I have figured out why this is. Because remotes have ninja skills.

Ninja Cats may have mastered the art of stealth. But Ninja Remotes have mastered the art of disguise.

The other day, as mom was getting dad set in front of the television, she ran into a bit of a problem. The remote was not working. She kept pressing buttons and nothing happened. This happens to all of us on occasion. Of course actually using the buttons on the tv and cable box is out of the question. That’s what remotes are for. Frequently it is because the wrong button was pushed at some point, or something as mundane as the batteries need to be replaced.

However on this instance it was something much more sinister.

The dastardly remote had used its ninja skills and disguised itself as the phone!