The key to finding

The quickest way to find something is to look for something else. Now this may seem like a silly idea, but how often have we encountered the reality of this. At least I know I do all the time. Lost my keys. Search high and low (which in my crazy room is actually accurate). Can’t find hide nor hair. Well not surprising since my keys are made of metal. But you know what I mean. Hey what’s that? Oh there is my flashlight. Could have used that during the blackout.

Yet there is a much more profound side to this seemingly silly idea. We all are looking for something in our lives. Maybe more than one thing. Happiness? Love? A career? Could be many things. Only we know what we are looking for. The irony is that often the harder we search, the more elusive it gets. And as we search for whatever it is, we will probably encounter many other things we are missing. Just like the flashlight found while looking for keys.

“What’s the big deal?” you most likely are not asking yourself right now. Well it’s this: if we get too focused on what we think we are searching for, we may totally miss something we actually need. Or maybe we will find it, and realize that we were searching for the wrong thing all the time. After you decipher what I just said…think about it.

So the question is, what are we really looking for? Don’t get so focused on the search to not notice what else you might find. And if you really truly believe what you are looking for is what you need, maybe you should try searching for something else.