Twitter too?

After spending my recent 34 hour stint without electricity, I realize what an addict I have become. It is a good thing I got my recent toy otherwise I would be a shuddering pile of goo on my floor. But thankfully I survived, and am here now to ramble away.

Yesterday my sister Lisa (of Woman Wielding Words fame) and her family stayed with me and my parents, on the last leg of the journey for their next home. Of course being the unproductive lay about I am they will be pulling me along. Nothing like family for forced labor! I kid! Only too glad to be of service!

""She mentioned yesterday that she now had a Twitter account, and in the process of linking up with friends it seemed someone had gone and used my usual screen persona to create an account of their own, confusing my adoring masses (which I believe totals 2 people at this time). I said I would create my own account (with my ALTER alter ego) to avoid confusion.

Ironically, today I get an email from Twitter saying that I need to change my password because nefarious ne’er-do-wells had gotten in and have been using my account to do ne’er-do-wellish things. So it seems my ALTER alter ego had already created a Twitter account over a year ago.

I really need to keep track of my ALTER alter ego.

So today I have gone back into my old/new Twitter account, did bloody combat with all ne’er-do-wells, changed my password, and went and linked it to all the other electronically based versions of my personality.

I am now officially a Twitterer. Look out world! I intend to Tweet loudly!

If anyone is really that interested, I am taochild42 on Twitter.