What am I doing here?

I realize I have been very quiet here lately … a sure way to chase away the few people who might be interested in this little project.  The truth is that I have been have a crisis of faith. Faith in myself; faith in my motives. The first step to making ANY project work is to understand WHY we are doing it. If we can’t answer that question for ourselves, how can we even be sure we are actually committed to the project.

At first I started with the idea of making money. Ironically, that is where I went wrong. Not that there is anything wrong with making money. The issue is that I am not a profit driven soul. Money is a useful and frequently necessary tool, but in my mind that is all it is … a tool. I will never be a successful businessman simply because I don’t value the tool enough. I personally find such things a sales techniques and advertising very cynical, and rather insulting to those that they are aimed at. As a result, I will never become a successful, if that is how one measures success. So why AM I doing it then? What do I hope to gain? Why not just throw in the towel and right this off as a mistake?

The simple answer is that I want to change the world.

One of the wonders of our technologically advanced society is the ease we can do so many things that once we had to work for. However, one of the dangers of our technologically advanced society is the ease we can do so many things that once we had to work for. Face it. As civilization “advances” humanity becomes more and more lazy. Obesity is not an issue because we EAT fast food, it is because we have become a “fast food” CULTURE. We have forgotten how to do things for ourselves, always taking the easy and fast way to do things. Why walk to the mailbox when we can drive? Why use the stairs when there is an elevator? Why get up and walk to that desk across the room to ask a question, when we have a phone or a computer? We are losing the ability to actually fend for ourselves, as is evident  when the “easy” way is no longer available to us. We are lost when we have to do things ourselves.

I firmly believe that a healthy society requires healthy people. And healthy people requires effort on our part again. We need to take part in our own lives again, which means actually DOING things for ourselves again. So THAT is what I am doing here. Trying to become healthy myself, and maybe in the process get others on board. I am offering an opportunity; sharing how I am going about it. If others think that it is worth a try and end up benefitting, well then I am successfully doing what I set out to do. If I also happen to make some money in the process … well that is just an added bonus.

So the question becomes this: Do YOU want to live a healthy lifestyle? I will gladly help you achieve one if you think I can be of service. Maybe it will be by buying one of the products I am offering. Maybe it will simply be am encouraging word or an idea. I will do what I can for anyone. But you have to make the choice to do it yourself first. I will be here if and when you decide you want me! 😀